Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And that means it’s time to decorate your home, whether you already have or not a nice centerpiece in the house.I’m always on the look out for nice outdoor decorations to decorate the outside of the house. This year I found all kinds of ideas and designs but I’m mainly focusing on the Thanksgiving table.

Usually the Thanksgiving table is not a very elaborate topic but more of a small, informal gathering where everyone can sit around the table and chat, maybe play games and drink coffee. Normally this is a very simple activity, but the theme of the dining room is often the center of attention. Besides the traditional decorating tools that are usually used for this occasion, a new decorative piece of furniture might be the best choice. I really like this centerpiece that is actually a stylized version of a Pirara marble tile.

It is huge and has a special woven pattern that makes it look amazing and the combination of low and high embossed tiles makes it look amazingly well. You might wonder what I think about this type of decorations. Well, it’s an idea to add a vintage touch to your home by using furniture made of twigs and branches. I don’t really like those kinds of decorations very much because I prefer the minimalist ones, but this one is a total piece of heaven. It is handmade in the US and delivered to you in parts. As you can see it’s made of brushed aluminum and looks pretty cool. You can purchase it for $79.