Imagine how cool it would be to have a relaxing vacation at the end of your holiday season long summer days. What better place to go to than a stunning natural pond, surrounded by a modern home? Villa Frenay in Finland is the perfect gorgeous pond that you need for your dream holiday. Overlooking the forest, the pond itself is surrounded by a modern home standing on pillars above. The home is so sleek and modern looking that it is hard to spot it from the street.

Designed by Environment Architects, Villa Frenay mixes a wide range of tropical plants with a modern architecture to create a dreamy backdrop to your holiday. If you want to go the extra mile, you can include some water features in there as well. To help create a wild look, some vegetation has been planted around the home and there are even standing waterfalls that bring the outdoors in.

It’s a dream home from several points of view. From the greenness of its design to the breathtaking views that it has to offer, it has everything you could possibly want.

Modern Pond Designs From Finland – Villa Frenay Photo 3

Modern Pond Designs From Finland – Villa Frenay Photo 4