A kitchen can be conceived as a space divided into racking the various zones for the kitchen, dining and living area and finally allowing one to interact with both the outside and the inside of the house. The design of the kitchen floors is one of the refinences that one can get from the architecture of the house. A space has a certain shape and size which can be dominated either by the strength of the ceiling or by the countertop as it is used every day. In the kitchen one can also decorate it by placing a wide sun story above the central section of the kitchen, which turns into a great outdoor balcony.

A similar way is to imagine a space that has a completely different scale, which is achieved through furniture, air conditioning, lighting, and a complex complex complex of shades. In this case the kitchen is totally changed and it looks like a huge space dominated by grey cool tones and blue of the new colors added. One of the coolest things is the piece of countertop in blue and stainless steel, a youthful space with a great many drawers that can be used for different purposes.