Even though the kitchen is one of the simplest rooms of the house, it doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant and stylish. A nice example in this case would be the storage baskets. They help keep the place tidy and organized and they also look chic. The basket is very useful in the kitchen because you have to always have something to put in there and it’s very practical too. These baskets are perfect for storing all the little things that you need.

They have different sizes and shapes and they are made of cork material. They are also non-skid and can be used on the open space between the lower cabinets and the upper cabinets, on the shelves. Each basket is carefully handcrafted and finished by hand with an intense blue waxes paint. They come in three different sizes. The small, medium and large basket measure 10? DIAM x 10? H and the medium size is 16? DIAM x 16? H and, on the larger items, the dimensions are 11? DIAM x 11? H. The collection features neutral, bright and deep colours for a beautiful result. You can buy these baskets at the price of EUR31.19.