Why not choose the kitchen of your dreams, then? There’s something about cooking that can be both warm and cosy, plus it’s just more fun to cook than doing the heavy duty job at the kitchen. We have put together a selection of contemporary kitchen designs from Magnolia Home and I have decided to show you some of our favorites. The kitchen is important and fun to decorate and this is largely because of the decoration takes on a different meaning and more depth when compared to the kitchen itself.

I would have to be prettier and more elegant if I had the option to include a painting in the kitchen. But there’s no reason why you can’t have a simple floral painting in there, in the hopes that you will one day find the owner a beautiful present. If you want to catch someone off guard or to surprise them, try to add a striking element that is in an unplaceable but very important aspect of your kitchen décor. I usually choose colorful things to add color in the kitchen, because I love the heat and the joy with the beautiful food that comes out the window, but if you are not the same, then most colors will not work together.

Studio Kitchen Ideas From Magnolia Home Photo 2

The first design that comes in my mind is that of the colorful stripes running in a regular right angle, but in black and white straight lines. Then there’s the floral painting that is the second most beautiful and completes the kitchen, but this time in black and white only. Of course, you can do some more creative stuff or put up some pictures if you like.

If you are a daring person or you like outrageous interior designs, then this kitchen is perfect for you. The drawings are so funny and colorful and they show the whole room. They are a bit unusual, but in the right interior they work very well. I would like to have a kitchen like this, that is not just a regular kitchen, but close to the living room or big family dining room.

Studio Kitchen Ideas From Magnolia Home Photo 4