This contemporary staircase is a fine example of how the slope of the wall (horizontal) not only opened itself up to the living space, but also offered a magnificent view of the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Designed by the photographers from Diego Gronda RockWell Group for a family located in Criciúda (Croatia), the staircase seemed to be plugged into the wall. It thus naturally connected the living room and the office near the landing of the stairs. These two areas are covered with a beautiful garden where a magnificent should grass lawn and an old olive tree give color to the entire place.

The entire construction seems to be exposed on a concrete basis, and the general feeling is that of a deep, natural existence. Neither the walls, nor the ceiling are any exception with its gray tones that underline the natural aspect of this living space.

The ceiling, that seems so defying and shaking, is actually a modern tapestry of the old building that was made of wood. In spite of its modern aspect, this old building brings a certain family home style to this house and that is why it is called “the house of the grandchildren”.