Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Cabin In Woods By In Situ

In situ was designed the wooden cabin that serves as a weekend home for the clients. It’s located in the middle of the forest, with a sloping terrain and it occupies an isolated piece of land on which it was […]

Living Roon By Comforting With Style

Living roon is a cozy retreat located in Bruges, Belgium. The project was completed by Comforting. Living roon by comforting by comforting: “After SABO project (Sabo+Co) the owners requested a simplehouse with a sculptural shape in the Belgian countryside. The […]

Cherry Tree Wallpaper

When I hear about someone’s house I always imagine it full of light and with a lot of clean lines and a lot of sophisticated objects. This Cherry Tree wallpaper is perfect for any home because it is a decoration […]

Room Divider Design Ideas

The main problem with any room is storage. It’s why we need to carefully and wonderfully organize everything we have in that room. One way of dealing with that is to use room dividers. You can see how they help […]

Fold Down Desk – Laptop Desk

Most of us try to cover our home desk and to use it as a working area. We usually attach the desktop to the wall and get a large desk that takes a lot of space. Today’s invention is the […]

Cherry Tree Wallpaper By Sydney Decor

When you are a designer, you love being surrounded by beautiful things. This means you put your personal photos and inspirations on public screens, you make interior design a big hobby, and even it could force your hand. If you […]