To create an amazing house out of the forest in Angus, UK was difficult enough as all the other construction in the area are too small to accommodate a family of 10 or so people. They only had one bathroom and a tiny living area.The actual demand was for a more spacious room that would host 10 people.Another thing they had in mind was that they needed a small enough area for leisure as well as a house for movie-watching, rest and sleeping.The idea came from a french chemist and architect called Michael Aram who invented the concept of “assisted imagination”.Somehow the visionary one managed to totally assemble the requirements for this house without any compromises.

Even though the area is very limited, the rooms are spacious and the interior designs are actually a reinterpretation of the rooms used in the old WWII and “old school” decor.The enormous space occupied by the house was covered by a sort of shell that covered a straight, white, sinuous form of living space coated with brightly colored wood in the shape of trees and bushes.This way the house is like a huge sculpture, a multi-purpose room that is also the playground.

The gravel road that runs immediately from the house to the beautiful, big windows cut into the forest is actually a small bridge that also connects the forest to the road.This modern house is a good example of a wild thing that can be beautiful and unexpected, even if it only takes you to visit one of the cities that are famous for their sunny days; it is something that you want to try it!{found on archdaily}