Kyouri Fukasawa is a name known for designing the most unique and interesting artists and executing spectacular projects. He is famous for his unique style and the projects that he has undertakings and turned into architecture actually have three areas. His group is called Mad Patriot, considering that it is founded from America and that its principal creator is American soldier pilot Christopher Glass.

The building that the building is attached to is the first building of the Raya Heritage Building in Japan. Its nickname is “Ren no i.” that was taken from the Japanese Buddhist word noi. Meaning no-one but standing, this building was meant as a place to connect with nature by focusing on a connection with the past and the sacred water.

It features a space called the Line of sight, from where the building gets its name. The so- called Line of sight, the longest and the most important spiritual path, has been a important element since the beginning and it has been exceptionally shown towards the west from its commencement.

Modern Wood Paneling And Painting By Kyouri Fukasawa Photo 3

The building really looks like a lot of wood, with a mixture of wooden boards and concrete. The interior is a combination of modern furnishings and some traditional ones, so the transition between these is very smooth. In fact it looks like a very natural and elegant combination, perfect for a holyday.