Parents have ever heard the saying “the more you teach, the better”. Well, this is true in all fields, including the house where you hang your kids’ bedding. The Lanbury sleepnut crib bedding offers the perfect way to help your kids learn to be beautiful, useful and hygienic.

Made in Britain, the original crib bedding unit includes an adjustable bed frame so it fit all frames serially. This also means you can adjust the height of the bed in no time. The blanket and bed linens are made from 100% wool, which is heat resistant and best of all, it provides minimum moisture resistance, something very important when the kids are without a filter. The color palette includes strong shades of grey, white and black, but it’s also available in red, blue, brown and fabric. The rug is non-skid and is 3’’ thick. The blanket is made in Nepal and measures 100% handmade. It’s(): £39.99.