Little girls love pink and are not very pretentious about the whole thing. But everything eventually changes. Maybe the little girls love pink too and this makes it easier for them to have a bedroom that they can really enjoy. But a mature girl’s room will also most likely have some special features that are meant to make it look appealing and stylish. For example the décor could feature a lot of flowers. This would be a great idea if the girl is a bit older.

But other ideas can be just a little more complex. For example, you can turn the bedroom into a tropical oasis zone. Here you can start with a simple but zen décor. You could have a tee-tatted sun mat on the floor, a green rug, curtains and a few plants as well perhaps. The idea is to make the room look fresh and relaxing. All the colors used here are warm tones and they were chosen in complementary colors, not bold shades.

A large mirror can also be a great suggestion. The sun is usually uncomfortable in the morning so having a mirror can make it a lot more pleasant. You could also have a few other things including a nice plant, a small lamp and maybe some decorative items. This way the kid will also feel like an actual part of the family.

Of course, flowers are always nice and cheerful, even when they’re not real. You can have a flower-based décor in the bedroom as well as in other areas of the house. Try using clean and simple colors and simple textures and fabrics. It’s all about the way you integrate these elements without neglecting style.{found on site}.