Pumpkins are popular not just for Halloween but for a variety of other holidays and occasions all around the world. But the big mistake that most people make is thinking they need to decorate pumpkins all the time. But that’s not necessarily true. You can paint a pumpkin, transform it and need it to be the centerpiece on the dining table or maybe even the focal point of the kitchen.

There are lots of other ways in which you can paint a pumpkin. You don’t even have to paint it while you draw it. Use a pumpkin as a base. Then you can paint it according to your own ideas and create a colorful and beautiful design. If you decide to use white paint, then the pumpkin will get a white, round look and thus the whole design and the colors will be very easy to integrate in the décor.

You can also use a pumpkin as a base for your project and make a lovely Autumn centerpiece for the table. For this you’ll need a lot of spray paints. First you’ll need to assemble the pumpkin and to make a base. Then it’s time to start painting and you’ll need at least eight colors. After that, you can also start to paint the pumpkin or you can first make a base of a jack-knife using paint and a paintbrush.{found on twoshadesofpink}.

Painted pumpkins.

If you want you can also paint a pumpkin turntable. First draw the shape of the pumpkin on the plywood using tape. Then cut the shape out with the scissors. Use paint and a brush to create the design you want. After that, paint it according to the instructions you see in the recipe and let it dry.{found on wilson}.

Golden and Striped.

If you want you can also give your pumpkin a golden touch up. You’ll need some gold paint, paint mixing (other types will require different paints to mix them), rubbing alcohol and tape. First clean the pumpkin thoroughly and then spray some gold paint on it. Let it dry. Mark the stripes you want to use and then paint them gold. You can also create other designs.{found on site}.

Wild Style.

If you want you can also create a fun new tradition called Wild style. It’s basically the same process you would use if you were painting a pumpkin in the first place. Cut out the shape out of paper and then make a stencil of the stripes you want to use. Tape the stripes to the pumpkin and shake off the excess paint. Trim around the edges and paint the edges with a brush. Then dip pumpkin in black paint and let it dry.{found on thechicsite}.

Add wheels and you’re done.{found on themerrypedest}.

If you paint your pumpkin as shown, then you get a nice striped look. You can also use stripes but you can first make a grid to work with. It’s easier to line up the stripes when you know they’re right there.{found on site}.

This design is a little more complex. Start painting the pumpkin and then you have to attach the wheels. This makes the process easier and also a little more fun.{found on mywonderfullymade}.

This look is good if you use more than one type of paint. Start with a clean portion and paint it if you like. Then you can start using warping and priming it.{found on thetatteredpew}.

When you’re ready with the design you’ve chosen, get some painter’s tape and make a grid with a dark shade. Then paint with a second shade and then completely cover the pumpkin with the paste.{found on thetatteredpew}.

If you’re not very confident or bold, you can try something different. For example, you can coat the pumpkin with glue paper. After that, paint it. You can create all sorts of designs and try different techniques.{found on oneartsymama}.