When choosing the bedroom place we have to be very careful when we do not want to overdecorate. In this case we have to be particularly careful when choosing the color because you can’t overestimate the effectiveness of a single color. Our main line of thinking in the last few years has been to get more space, more light, to expand the living-room and to make it spacious and functional. So everything around looks bigger, and the minimalist style seems to be the ideal choice for the contemporary Scandinavian kids room.

So, as you can see from the pictures, this Danish style bedroom is so simple, crisp and elegant and it has a very stylish decoration. The bed looks like a natural, thick slab whereas the white canopy bed is more like a Gothic chandelier. In a way this is a good thing that because you can concentrate better in the room and because it’s nice to have a visual break and some people can look at you funny and act like bad, so this is the most important feature of this room.

Spanish Style Bedroom By Maison Valentina Photo 2

Spanish Style Bedroom By Maison Valentina Photo 3