Most of us try to cover our home desk and to use it as a working area. We usually attach the desktop to the wall and get a large desk that takes a lot of space. Today’s invention is the most simple desk ever, designed by Michael Hilgers for AG.

The desk is very simple, with an ordinary form and a continuous design. However, the simplicity of the design makes it perfect for those who would rather prefer simplicity in their living rooms. The desk is very functional, also providing you with plenty of storage space as you can choose any kind of cupboard you want. You can put there your laptop, documents, books, magazines, maybe a CD or DVD.

It is an obvious improvement and you can do it yourself by choosing this unusual and nice desk. In order to get it, you need a PCL 4 hooked to a aux cable, super box and swivel keyboard, drop of glue, hammer, screwdriver and scissors. If you want you can ask for the price of this item, that is $244. The idea is great and you pay attention to all the details, especially if you want to fit this desk in your home.