I am a very good friend of Angela Adams, the founder of Adams Design, and we were lucky enough to meet a few time again to talk about her business, Pasquita Distuff. We both wanted to tell you something specific about her, but wouldn’t it be better to have a look at the pictures below? The set of finished projects starts from $10 – $109 and includes everything from gift wrap to patterned pillows. As you can see, her first project wasn’t a place where she designed but rather a desk, which she customized and exported in a matter of days.

The process of starting the projects was rather slow but the end result is quite satisfying, I would say. We spent about three days at her house, which hadn’t been touched by human eyes in more than a week. Her house is beautiful and it is an example of her passionate work. It is a great place to live, and I’m sure that what you see inside won’t make you forget it was all a tire.

It’s a very beautiful home, clean and elegant, with a modern design and a stylish collection of objects and decorative items. It seems like the perfect place where you would like to find rest. You can sit in your room and read a good book, working on your artistic projects, while the beautiful light goes through the whole house.