Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Pendulum Painting Sculpture By Takkuno Mita

Wall murals are interesting decorations that might look great in an office, but if you really want to impress you can choose a very different approach and opt for an amazing painting. For example this amazing mandal painting was designed […]

Painted Pumpkin Pictures

I am a very good friend of Angela Adams, the founder of Adams Design, and we were lucky enough to meet a few time again to talk about her business, Pasquita Distuff. We both wanted to tell you something specific […]

Halloween Painting Ideas

Today we’re going to present you some Halloween painting projects. If you are not familiar with this type of art, it means to paint something with the appropriate color that can create a fun effect.For example, you could create a […]

Diy Teepee Tents From Crafty Home

Did you know that you can actually make your own teepee tents out of discarded cardboard bowls, bottles or even tennis court spikes? It’s a really cool idea and a very ingenious way of making a temporary tent. These things […]

Gallery Wall Layout

The layout of a room is very important for your home. It’s the way in which you organize and make deductions for different items, from clothes to furniture and anything else. It’s particularly important for the kitchen because you need […]

Color Block Painting Idea By MemoPain

This is a very interesting painting technique invented by MemoPain. It’s definitely unusual and it’s also free. This technique is something that should be applied in shops as well. The idea is very simple. You take a canvas and some […]

Diy Wall Divider By Andrea Branzi

This beautiful creation is a DIY wall divider created by Andrea Branzi. It’s a stylish and elegant accent feature that can also be used as a storage space. It allows you to visually separate the kitchen from the living or […]