Today we’re going to present you some Halloween painting projects. If you are not familiar with this type of art, it means to paint something with the appropriate color that can create a fun effect.For example, you could create a black and white Halloween painting. All you need is black pumpkins, white raffia and a brush.

First you’ll need to clean the pumpkins. Place a clean rosette on top and paint a black circle on each pumpkin. Next you can start outlining in the rosettes using a pencil. After that, start outlining in the circles. After that, paint the pumpkin brown and let it dry. After that, start attaching the rosettes. After that, and if you want, repeat the process.

This painting process is similar to the ones described for the burlap placemats. Once you have all the pumpkins and carved pumpkins, you can start gluing them onto the black metal banner. Then you can also paint a spooky face on the banner. Once the pumpkins and the banner are dry, you can hang them onto the ceiling to create your sexy new wreath. In this case, the turquoise is optional.{found on site}.

Halloween Painting Ideas Photo 3