For a playroom it’s not enough to have lots of colors and to use bold patterns and vibrant prints, it also needs to have an inviting décor. We’re not talking about a typical playroom but about a more elegant and personal space where adults can relax and enjoy doing whatever they please. So usually the playroom includes at least one colorful element that can be seen from anywhere. It’s a way of introducing color and pattern into the décor and a colorful focal point.

This is the new playroom designed by the team from House of Hat. It’s indeed a very inviting space. It has a comfortable seating area as well as a beautiful and colorful work space. It’s been decorated with shades of yellow and blue and it’s a very nice choice for a playroom. It’s a room that kids can learn to use for fun and games. It’s nice to see that everything it designed to be comfortable and fun and it has a simple and modern décor.

It’s rare to see a work space so colorful. Usually bold colors are the last thing that you want when you see one. But this playroom is not the usual work space. It’s a more private space, a place where adults can relax and it can even be considered a home. It’s a beautiful and simple space that will-imagine everyone’s dream home. It might not be the playroom that you envisioned, but it would definitely have a calming and quiet atmosphere that will be hard to forget.