The idea behind this bedroom drawing room interior design is that you can see yourself as a marine officer inspecting the stations on a ship or under the command of a commanding officer checking the safety of your ship. Its main desire is that you can feel relaxed in the most peaceful moments. It means you can relax just by looking at the pictures on the curtains or on the bed and it also relax you because of the soft light that invades this whole space.

Starting from the bedroom, this bedroom is the perfect place for a romantic night patrol dressed in navy uniform and white ribbons. for this decoration you can make or recreate the rocking chair in the sitting area. The bathroom keeps the same natural look, with a simple design, a double wall and floating vanity with a modest, but effective sink.

The most original element is the big marine aquarium, that is in the double wall with glass insert. This aquarium is surrounded by a white wall with a shelf to store the fish. This great combination is like an endless number of different shots for a great design.

Bedroom Drawing Room Interior Design Photo 3