Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Home Atrium Located In Franco, Texas

The natural environment of Franco, Texas, provides a stark contrast to the urban environment of the north. The site is distinguished by its large banks of new trees, including the mature oak, cedar and pine trees. The urban context of […]

Indoor Floor Spotlights By Marset

What better way to enjoy the wonderful weather outside then dining on the patio or breakfast in bed? The floor spotlights are designed for the outdoor dining areas to illuminate the whole area. Designed by Marset, these lampshades feature a […]

Floor Tiles Images By Jovo Bozhinovski

Vancouver-based studio Jovo Bozhinovski has completed the floor tiles project in December 2011. This unique flooring design allows light to stream down the curved walls of the bathroom and kitchen. Photos courtesy of Jovo Bozhinovski

Christmas Staircase Decorating Ideas

decorating the stairwells in your home is a noble task that will require the coordination of a lot of creativity. Christmas is the time to get creative with the decorations and even a beautiful Christmas tree and the staircase will […]

Color Block Painting Idea By MemoPain

This is a very interesting painting technique invented by MemoPain. It’s definitely unusual and it’s also free. This technique is something that should be applied in shops as well. The idea is very simple. You take a canvas and some […]