Kim Thom May is a name well known in the fashion industry for some time now. In 2012, she started her own company and has this wonderful designer’s eye that she manages to create very beautiful and creative pieces. The foundation was set with some inspiration from the provocative and colorful frescoes used by the French street artist La Cornue and the Establishment furniture collection. Thus, the designer imagined a toast with a pink and white background featuring the Rose Ceremony on the table. It’s a very playful piece and the reception desk doesn’t look out of place.

To continue on the same note, Kim Thom placed a flower vase decorated with pink peonies at the reception desk, choosing a present that was particularly personal to her and to the client. This featured special tea light that envelopes the vase and then fades into thin rays of pink. The rest of the desk is painted matt white, having a natural look. In order for the details to add character, everything has been painted with pink hues, including the chairs, the walls, ceiling, the pearl-red tablecloth and the silver lampshade.

These details are in perfect harmony with the rest of the décor, creating what is actually a very stylish display. I personally enjoy the pendant light over the dining table, the Moorish vase and the stars on the wall, as well as the mosaic of black and white patterns.

Accent Table Decoration: The “Rose Ceremony” By Kim Thom May Photo 5