Go ahead. Go outside, and get ready for a spooky time. Create some creepy garden art! Or scare with some open-minded kids’ art you’ve got around the house. The best part of this project is that it’s a budget-friendly project, and there are always ways to customize the design! Check out this fun tutorial from Creativegreenfood, and let these Halloween decorations inspire your next DIY project or skillful gardening endeavor:

If you’re looking for materials to create something truly creepy, look no further than this ultra-ornate Spider in Pastel Art from Ohoholic. Decorate an exterior wall with an art print, or make a splash with a splash of paint, then enjoy your spooky garden art for the whole house!

Sometimes the simplest projects are the best. Like buying an Old Santa Canister and Glittery Staircase Decor from Harbor and Home. These incredibly easy DIY items are perfect for your yard or flower shop*:

Garden Art – DIY Mummies Photo 3

If you’re looking for a Halloween porch decor piece that would last more than Halloween, there’s an Old Santa Canister idea that will be equally spooky with the addition of pumpkin carving, which can be done while that’s still wet. Because it’s so crisp, the carving will only take a few minutes to complete… Or you can leave it all to the kids for Halloween!

Garden Art – DIY Mummies Photo 4

We’re loving the combination of cool blue and orange painted on this fabulous decor from Homey Oh My. The colors are different but the design is strong, meaning that adults and kids alike will love this refreshing take on Halloween. We also see a .) placement at the helm of this quirky porch decor piece:

Don’t forget that fall can be a colorful and colorful season too! Bring out your fall foliage by dipping some choice pumpkins in the color of your choosing. This gorgeous layered effect from A Bubbly Life is easy to create–you need rubber stamping, a pumpkin carving kit and a little bit of patience.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s mix of Halloween and fall decor so far. If you’d like to make a Halloween party happen on your own, start planning now. To get you started, check out this Halloween Door Halloween Ornament from, I Don’t Know How Many Items, featured at Bob Olive Photography: