The loft is an expression of freedom and abundance of life, or at least this is the impression that it conveys. When the loft has been properly decorated, it has an air of freshness and dynamism which can be found in everything surrounding us. We can find here many colorful and interesting decorations and we can see also aspects of creativity. Of course, the color palette is the one dominating factor in the room, but if you want to see how creative you can get, take a look at these beautiful loft decorations.

For example, notice how the pink carpet and curtains completely turn the place into a love room. That’s because this is a room filled with women who are willing to do anything for the sake of the children, so I would say they are the stars.

Also, notice how the vibrant colors on the walls are countered by the brown and white shades, and also by the blue textures chosen for the furniture. For example, the sofa and the chairs are black, so the contrast is strong and yet friendly.

Lofts Decorate The Spectrum Photo 3

The curtains match the furniture and they look like a curtain. In front of the sofa there’s a small desk and a chair in between, like in a hallway. I’m not sure what’s the idea behind this amazing decision, but it’s a beautiful one.

Lofts Decorate The Spectrum Photo 5