Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Tv Room Divider By Franca Rapisarda

The TV room divider or wall divider is often used to hide the TV, wardrobe or garage. Its role can also be to add visual delimitation and to create a visual separation between the two spaces or areas. Buttons also […]

Diy Haunted House By Michael P. Johnson

Artist Michael P. Johnson has created the Diemer Room, a funky structure composed of hanging structures over living spaces. The room looks like an excavated earth pit, lined with brick walls and completely unique in style. This unusual house is […]

Small Apartments Design In Paris

Do you want to live in a small apartment? Well, good luck. Today we found a very interesting and inspiring interior design that we hope you’ll try. This is a micro apartment located in Paris, France. As you can see, […]

Attic Office With Views Of The Forest

When you’re thinking of your home you usually picture a cozy, relaxing place where you can refuge to work or to relax. Well, this is a different kind of house. This one is a more open, functional space that also […]

Japan Apartments Design By Nakatacasa

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this classically-inspired apartment was designed by Nakatacasa. It has a design characterized by simplicity and eye-catching accent features. The rooms, despite being small, have a strong visual impact on the users. Due to the color palette […]

White Round Crib With Round Headboard

The perfect breakfast, or dinner, is always the first and last thing you’ll want to eat. For that you need a special place, tailored also for your needs, somewhere private or cozy that will make your time stand still and […]