Located in Tokyo, Japan, this classically-inspired apartment was designed by Nakatacasa. It has a design characterized by simplicity and eye-catching accent features.

The rooms, despite being small, have a strong visual impact on the users. Due to the color palette chosen for the interior, the space gets a strong dynamic and strong personality. The living area features green as the main color, which is complemented by brown shades and beige accents. The beige rug and the comfortable sofa are the only showpieces and details that don’t stand out as much as they might.

The lighting is really beautiful in here as well. In order to create an uninterrupted horizontal line on the hallway, the designers also added transparent glass. And in order to block the light from the window, she used sheepskin drapes.

Despite the broken and simple look on the walls, the apartment has a lot of character. It’s a beautiful example of how space and color can go so well together and it’s a model that can be adapted and adopted in a variety of interior designs.

Japan Apartments Design By Nakatacasa Photo 4