This cozy apartment is located in Sydney, Australia. It features a kitchen with an elegant solid oak floor, a bathroom with steel fixtures and marble and stainless steel appliances and an upper bedroom featuring windows of acrylic panels. On the same note, the workspace has a bright and airy feel, despite the simplicity. It’s a very beautiful combination of casualness and sophistication.

The apartment has a total floor area of 95 square meters. It sits is a leafy corner in a former bookstore and it’s perfect for its owner. The architect used the possibility to create a private zone. Here you can find the bedroom, the desk area and a comfortable dining or living area with a green wall and a series of stylish pendant lamps hanging above it. Because the apartment was already small, a staircase was built to connect these areas. Several areas were later considered as a void in the apartment’s original structure and they are connected via the staircase.

Their role is to add texture and natural texture and color to the space. In the bedroom, the eye-catching wallpaper lifts up the mood and the striped bed frame and the small decorative details don’t interfere with the rest of the décor. Even though the color palette is simple, the impact is visible. The designer used playful colors with different shades, different textures and patterns to create balanced environments where each room has its own charm.

Tropical Interior Design By Jennifer Paige Photo 3