Having a neutral color palette for your home can be really great because you can then use shade of gray to make it feel more grown-up or homely. The key is to use it sparingly and in moderation so as to avoid creating an overly stimulating environment. Today we’re going to have a look at a very interesting apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine and we’re going to see how the balance between the two colors is done. The apartment is known as the Duplex Apartment and it was a project by Vasiliy Butenko.

The goal was to renovate the apartment and to make it livable, not just bright and filled with light. For that, the designer needed to focus on the décor rather than on the size of the rooms and they had to find a way to make both worlds work together. With the décor initially neutral, the background in this case is a very bright space with lots of natural light.

The designer also wanted to make the apartment a little less big so he removed some of the walls, made the bedroom an inviting place and made the living room smaller and funnier. The space is now a combination of light and dark elements with an original décor. The chromatic palette is mostly based on white elements and the occasional accent color. The walls are white throughout and so are the ceilings and the furniture is also white.

Taupe And Gray Home With Playful, Eclectic Design Photo 3

A big challenge was to make this apartment feel warm and inviting without diminishing the sophisticated and elegant look of the décor. In order to achieve that, the designer chose an interesting strategy. He created an open layout and he gave the apartment a series of clear dividing walls. These walls were meant to let light through and to also connect the different spaces, creating a stronger connection between the areas.

Overall, even though the apartment is now what it used to be it’s still very stylish and chic. It’s superior n a décor that is not only functional but beautiful as well. It now has a warm and inviting atmosphere and it’s the reason why it got that second attax.{found on freshome}