The TV room divider or wall divider is often used to hide the TV, wardrobe or garage. Its role can also be to add visual delimitation and to create a visual separation between the two spaces or areas. Buttons also have other functions. They can be used to add a touch of color to a room or to organize and divide an open space. The divider is very useful in small homes where space is usually limited.

The TV room is a space that usually has a large amount of furniture such as in this case the living room is. To obtain a spacious look, the wall divider can help you get the desired effect. Here’s a very simple idea: draw the divider a black border and attach gold headboard trim to it. It’s a very nice balance. When the door is open, the divider is less striking.

The bedroom is a serene, calm and relaxing space and the TV room is the perfect combination of relaxation and entertainment. If you want, you can use the divider as a closet doors so you can hide the electronics. In this case the divider is also useful as a storage space in which you can store bedding, fabric swatches, photo frames and other similar things.

These are some very beautiful examples of well-chosen artwork and accessories that have the role of dividing an open space from an undisturbed décor. As you can see, the artwork and the accessories that complete an open space are always different than each other and they each have their own role in the overall décor that they accomplish.

Tv Room Divider By Franca Rapisarda Photo 4