The main idea of this project was to create a beautiful backyard house, where a family of 4 could gather and enjoy the sunny days. In order to accomplish this, we designers re-planned the backyard, creating better and easier connections between the interior of the house and the exterior landscape.

The new layout also makes better use of the patio, since it was previously used as an outside drinking area. The rooms were treated as private spaces, which makes them feel safer and more relaxing. In order to create a truly luxurious home, the designers combined the latest technology with traditional design methods, creating a space that’s luxurious in every way. The home features a modern design, with minimalist lighting, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a beautiful outdoor space.

Japanese Style Backyard House With Beautiful Scenery Photo 2

The beautiful backyard already has plenty of shade, but it still needs some decorative pieces that can make it feel like a vacation retreat. At the same time, it looks fresh and elegant under the artificial lights both during the day and at night.