If you’re looking for inspiration for your basement office or for any other space, we have a very beautiful example for you. It’s called the “Around Workshop” and it’s a design created by Around Workshop. The office was designed for around 300 people and it has a flexible interior design.

One of the most striking and interesting things about this office was the fact that it had no partitions and all the work spaces were in a whole separate room. This allowed flexibility to become a part of the design. The large work tables were designed to accommodate two teams of up to 4 people each. They can each have one desk and a chair in one corner of the room.

It’s a very flexible and ingenious arrangement. And despite its modern and unusual designs, the office also presents another very impressive feature: a series of huge pendant lights hanging from the ceiling at different heights for a very warm and pleasant atmosphere. They create a very beautiful and relaxing atmosphere and they also look good. Of course, one would have to be in total agreement with the designer of this arrangement therefore the choice of colors is quite interesting in this case.

Basement Office Ideas From Around Workshop Photo 3