When it comes to the living room, the focal point can be the sofa or its accompanying seating. In exchange, the coffee table should complete the whole arrangement. In the living room, the sofa becomes an accessory for several elements. It’s the one that sets the tone by being the first thing to sit down.

It’s not always the focal point that is focal. Sometimes the entire décor is created around it and the focal point is the sofa or armchair. But the two types don’t necessarily have to be similar. A sofa can have a focal effect without necessarily being eye-catching. It can also be an accent piece and it doesn’t have to impress with its color, shape, size or the little details on its design.

There’s always this close connection between the sofa and the fireplace in the living room or in other cases. This always happens when the room has a high ceiling and the sofa has a round or oval shape and is placed in the center. The fireplace is always a pleasant element for the living room regardless of the style and design. It makes the atmosphere casual, warm and welcoming.

In this case, the focal point would be the sofa. It has a beautiful curved shape with a luxurious look and a sophisticated and elegant touch. The fireplace is built into the wall and it’s splendid without being overwhelming or difficult to integrate in that particular part of the room.

This living room also has a fireplace but it doesn’t resemble the one in the case of the previously mentioned example. This one is placed in the corner and it’s not surrounded by anything else. The sofa is the only large piece of furniture and the black and white combo is both elegant and unassuming.

This is a case where the focal point would be the sofa. It has an unusual shape, not to mention the color choice. The sofa has a nice platform base with tufted cushions on it and it’s complemented by a matching ottoman that provides the extra seating and comfort needed.

A high ceiling would make the living room seem more spacious and the walls would also feature similar accent details. In this case, the sofa is not sitting directly on the floor but it’s still very comfortable. The polished concrete floors define this area and give it a homely feel.

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