The living room is the space of the house which is usually presented as a multi-purpose area. The inhabitants seek to use it for all sorts of different activities, from work to leisure or recreation, so that they canall have the time in the mornings and evenings so that they can become freer and more relaxed.The Italian architect Silvio Giammarin designed these words which characterize the living room of the Luxiimiliano Salone, president of Salone Internazionale di Marmi.

It is an elegant living room where the sofa and the chairs accompany all the materials of furniture used that are either antique, vintage, modern or combination of these styles. The huge beautiful wall mirror is one of the most important pieces which contribute to the overall positive aspect of this room.

Manly Living Room Ideas From Salone Internazionale Di Marmi Photo 2

The dining room may also be a great relaxing place due to its massive wooden table and the soft colored chairs that it has. The vintage chandelier that appears in the bedroom and the couple’s suits are the only other things that attract attention of a normal person. At the end, this clean, refined and elegant living room is definitely the perfect place where you can relax and feel comfortable.{found on Interiormagasinet}