Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Tile Floor Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a floor design idea that will help make your home unique, look chic and romantic, that’s where tile comes in. Tiles are as versatile as they are because they can be designed into every configuration you […]

Playroom Cafe Furniture Collection

Get yourself a totally comfortable chair and spend some time relaxing. This means you should probably take a look around. It’s time to find suitable furniture to use in the room. Also, find at least 15 model and colours to […]

Terrazzo Pattern

The Terrazzo Furniture Collection is probably one of the best examples of modern interiors with futon-like dimensions. Furniture has not been, for example, made of stone (how can be!), but a huge amount of contemporary chairs, tables and accessories have […]

Atrium Ideas By Sculp[IT]AR

The inspiration for the many wall sconces that are available in the market came from Asia. The designer, Ziyet Sejura, Orientalate atelier has found a very interesting way of illustrating this culture. The blank walls receive animated data like the […]

Kids Room Seating Suggestions

Kids find their sources of comfort in different rooms of the house, and most of them due to their age. This is why parents try to design their kid’s room in such a way that it would be safe, comfortable, […]