Get yourself a totally comfortable chair and spend some time relaxing. This means you should probably take a look around. It’s time to find suitable furniture to use in the room. Also, find at least 15 model and colours to use in the whole room. You might want to study the designs before making a purchase. This is also the best time to decide on the color you want for the furniture.

Instead of choosing one or the other, the designers from plexiglassdesigns favour this approach and they came up with a particular table top version of the RATO design. It’s a slightly more refined version of the original, with a glass surface that allows you to see inside. It’s a great alternative for the regular wooden furniture that you find in most living rooms.

Playroom Cafe Furniture Collection Photo 2

Usually the problem with wooden furniture is the fact that it tends to crack or stain easily. So it’s very important to choose the right wood in this case. Even though it might seem like the easy option at first, it’s not the best choice for the space you live in or for the room you should decide to use as a home office for example.

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Another particular problem are the dimensional factors of a piece of furniture. It’s why we often find great designers that manage to solve this issue and give us some wonderful furniture designs. One of the most impressive creations is the Basis console. Basis is a rather simple piece of furniture. However, the way it’s been modeled allows it to be very elegant.

Playroom Cafe Furniture Collection Photo 5

The Basis console was created by Playse is a limited edition and it has been premiered at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. It’s a piece of furniture with an unconventional design. The planter that you see there is not actually there. It’s an art piece that is being created by Playse. The artist actually made this piece from lacquered bone white polyurethane. It’s a modern interpretation of a traditional craft.

ModDot and Klaus DoJuras.

We now visit Belgium where we can find the Brandenburg/Raad, a country with many wonders. It’s where we can find the Brandenburg/Raad kitchen. It’s a beautiful kitchen with a very original design. It was designed by Janda Pomfret and it’s made of stainless steel. Designed and developed by P.A.T.H. Architects, the kitchen features a suspended stainless steel range, the countertop features glass blocks and it’s equipped with oak wood servers that add warmth and cozyness to the room. The centerpiece of the kitchen is a pair of simple and elegant hanging pendant lamps. The hang-away function allows the kitchen to be turned into a bar or dining room without calling for service.

The kitchen is modern and it has been furnished with very beautiful furniture. The combination of stainless steel and glass is surprising. The kitchen overlooks the patio, hence the stainless steel appliances that have been placed one on top of the other. The color palette is also very beautiful. It includes very bold and striking colors and the contrast between them and the natural wood elements is beautiful and elegant. Overall, the kitchen is minimalist, modern and elegant. It’s a functional and practical family kitchen.