We’re not going to talk about the particularities of the kitchen today since there are so many different types and designs to choose from. However, we do want to show you a few kitchen decor ideas that use open shelves to look sophisticated and stylish. This style is very popular in modern and contemporary interior design because it puts everything on display so it can be the focus of the room in a subtle, pleasant way. Not sure how you could possibly want that in your kitchen? Perhaps you’re having trouble with the storage problem or the lack of space. Well, Openiscuits has some answers.

This lounge area is furnished with furniture that perfectly suits this space. In this particular case, shelves are seamlessly incorporated into the decor, becoming great accessories and having a very sleek and clean look. The design of the space is very open and this allows the furniture and accessories to easily connect with each other and the wall behind them. This cool decor was created by architects Francesca Spinelli and Giorgio Cattoni of Francesca Studio.

And speaking of open shelves, check out this other cool kitchen design created by Spiro. It features a design that’s an amalgam of several different features, one of which is the use of chalkboard paint to display food on which you can cook and entertain guests. The cabinets are cool and simple and the upper part of the walls and the island and the shelves are framed by white iron bars which contrast with the black cabinetry.

Another lovely kitchen with shelves is this one. By simply leaving the upper portion of the walls exposed you can give the kitchen a more airy and spacious look. As far as the decor goes, a nice mix of colors, some paintings and other items usually found in the kitchen can suit it. The shelves are nice for displaying decorations as well but you can also decorate the wall with artwork or framed photos if by choosing a different strategy.

Even though they’re small, shelves are super practical in the kitchen because you can store a lot of things on them and easily grab the thing you need when needed. This kitchen designed by Vancouver Custom Homes also has a little bit of industrial charm in it, partially due to the fact that the accent wall is covered in wood boards with small hooks.