Kitchen cabinets are probably the most common kitchen feature and also the most common for almost one-third of the homes across the globe. They are easy to work with and they suit most styles and spaces. However, sometimes they get so boring, even though they are the staple that always stay hidden in the decor that it’s time we had a look at one of the most interesting kitchen cabinet designs that we could find.

The SpaceSpace kitchen cabinet may seem simple at first but it hides a secret. It’s actually quite complex and complicated and it’s not that obvious when you look at it. The cabinet is designed by SpaceSpace and it’s a sort of maze. Some of the modules are spheres while others are made of glass. The illusion is both fun and practical. There are quite a few different LED functional lighting strips on the walls and the same thing can be said about the ceiling.

The different colors have also been used create eye-catching patterns. The ceiling is decorated with underwater blue and white stripes, a combination of colors usually seen in kids’ games. The same colors were used for the rest of the kitchen, creating a mature, elegant and organized look. There are lots of mark on the cabinet that match the colors precisely in order to form a complete picture.