Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Rustic Office Interior Design In Belgium

In the city of Wijgmaal, Belgium, an creative mind with character decided to decorate an office with a character. It was a daring project for which they exposed some of their original talent in order to obtain the result they’ve […]

Small Breakfast Table With Space For 12

If you’re a busy person than you probably know how hard it is to separate the breakfast area from the other spaces. Usually there are several places that have to be separated and these areas have to be nicely delimitated […]

Pumpkin Painting Designs And Ideas

Pumpkins are a recurrent symbol used throughout the home. It’s as if nothing else comes to mind and the attention completely ignores this detail. We all have at least one pumpkin in our house, or at least that’s what we […]

Kitchen Greenhouse Window Treatment

Do you want to add some freshness and colour to your kitchen? Well, if this is so, then why not prepare yourself to have a kitchen greenhouse window treatment? Well, the main benefit is that you would be able to […]

What Is Patio Living?

Indoor living spaces are booming right now, and that includes out front, as well. Imagine the joy of picking up a book in the afternoon, alone in your wood-burning fireplace. Or the day fondly call the back of you goodbye […]

Chic Dining Rooms With Gallery Ceilings

Gallery ceilings are a very common architectural feature in the case of modern and contemporary homes. They are becoming more and more popular because the modern and contemporary interior designs focus on the uniqueness of the architectural details. This term […]