In the city of Wijgmaal, Belgium, an creative mind with character decided to decorate an office with a character. It was a daring project for which they exposed some of their original talent in order to obtain the result they’ve managed to present in the finished product.

The office covers a total area of 400 square meters and it’s located on the 1st floor of a former warehouse. It’s a very creative and unique project, capturing the essence of the whole office and incorporating into the new interior design a mixture of old and new. The goal was to form a realistic composition of what has been named “the art gallery”.

Rustic Office Interior Design In Belgium Photo 2

So the team decided to start with a list of demands and then to narrow them down to only a few items. For example, the client requested a large table where he could sit with his friends and family. The rest of the requests included a glass wall where the staff could be present at the same time, a blackboard, some shelves, a slide, a hammock and two space-saving spaces for the furniture.

Rustic Office Interior Design In Belgium Photo 3

The creative makeup is completed by an interior design that’s casual, warm and homey. The color palette was intentionally kept neutral in order to establish a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

Rustic Office Interior Design In Belgium Photo 4

A combination of modern and vintage elements resulted in a perfect mix. Most of the furniture was retro. One of the most interesting and unusual pieces is the breakfast bar table which can be seen in the living room.

Rustic Office Interior Design In Belgium Photo 5

A ceiling-mounted TV and a bunch of minimalist chairs were placed in the corner, a perfect spot for enjoying breakfast in the morning while looking out the window or listening to the rain on a sunny morning.

The kitchen is white and spacious, the countertops are quartz and the appliances are simple. The kitchen island has a round shape and two stainless steel barstools complement it perfectly.

Like another room in the apartment, the bathroom is small but doesn’t lack storage. A small black freestanding tub occupies a small nook, providing a relaxing and serene look.