It’s difficult to decide how to decorate a kitchen, especially since everyone has a different style and want different things. So a compromise is always welcomed. And just because you have chosen a different strategy doesn’t mean that the room needs to be changed as well. In fact, modern and contemporary kitchens don’t even seem to need them. They are a great necessity and they can really transform the décor of your home.

This kitchen, for example, features a minimalist décor and it really does seem cold and minimalist, even without having cabinet fascias that take all the space. The kitchen island features an interesting shape and it provides extra surface for food while also serving as a bar. But the most interesting feature in this case is the window. It’s an original feature that brings light in and it complements the whole décor.

This kitchen island also has another wonderful feature. It’s a double sink unit with decorative details. The cabinet fascias of the island are also illuminated with laser lights. The interior of the island features glass doors that provide a wide range of lighting options and the interior is essentially a rectangular space with a minimalist design. It’s an interesting idea but also a practical decision that allows you to save space and to make cooking a little bit easier.

Kitchens With Windows That Bring The Outdoors In Photo 3

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Kitchens With Windows That Bring The Outdoors In Photo 5