If you’re looking for a combination of clean lines and contemporary design, white detail like the detailed base of the Cork Floor and detailing found on the white doors is perfect for your home. The Cork floor is available in white lacquer, black lacquer, bronze, nickel lacquer, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. The detail of the white layer top is what makes the floor so attractive. Also the white detailing is what makes the floors so beautiful.

The details of the white layer are the perfect place to emphasize the black details of the flooring. The contrast of the white flooring with the black colored basins and bathtub is completed by the white colored grill, burner and worktop. The white colored detail found on the countertop and sink is what makes the entire design come together. The neutral shades of white and black make the room look spacious and comfortable.

Clean Cork Flooring And White Detail Photo 3