One thing that can be said about black kitchen islands is that they are more versatile than you’d think. They can basically change the whole décor of your kitchen and even the whole room at once if you decide what you want for the interior design and ambiance of the kitchen. Also, they are actually not that difficult to build. Even though they don’t seem so impressive, the black kitchen islands are actually very easy to put together.

This particular kitchen island had been painted black but not in the deepest secrecy. It still has some natural color but it’s only used for protection purposes. The rest of the kitchen shares the natural color of the wood that was probably present anyway. As for the rest of the designs, the island has a traditional look, with cabinet drawers underneath the countertop and black-stained wood.

It’s a combination of modern and traditional elements that seem to work well together in this case. In the kitchen there’s also a chromeiera floor that looks really beautiful in combination with the black kitchen island. The island is complete with a stainless steel countertop and sink. Underneath there’s a built-in oven with a black convection oven hood.

Black Kitchen Islands By Jaista Photo 3

Here the traditional details are very well balanced with the minimalist modern kitchen island and the bright red backsplash. The floor also features another interesting detail: a set of handsome Dammat black pendant light bulbs hanging above the kitchen island. The same combination of colors and materials can also be seen in the rest of the apartment.