An innovative approach to nature and to the environment has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of people interested in creating gardens and green areas in urban settings. The influence of nature is seen in almost all the properties as people try to make their homes safari-shabby, nature-centered and cozier. The main idea behind this trend is the replacement of the lawn mower and the garden bus.

The two are closely related and they complement each other beautifully. However, only one type of landscaping is suitable for each area. It all depends on the preferences of the inhabitants and the type of landscape you are creating.

Rock Gardens Ideas – A New Trend In Landscape Design Photo 2

The two types of designs are G.A.M. and O.M.M. The first one is more ornamental and has large planters and grass mats. The second type can be more dynamic and shows more clearly the natural and rustic look. It’s suitable for areas with tough terrain and usually not so sunny ones. It’s also more suited for rustic and traditional landscapes.

The second type is more modern and has a series of green areas around the house. It also has a green lawn and is more suited for areas with easier access and easier upkeep. It’s also more natural and has a more blended look and feel.