If you are looking for ideas to make your bathroom look stylish, minimalistic designs are the perfect choice. With a vanity that is well designed, made of wood and which has an economical look, then this minimalist vanity is sure to satisfy your demands.Unlike the expensive, huge bathtubs which are made of board of Carrara marble, or even wood veneer, this minimalist vanity is made of solid oak wood, and its design and particular style make it to look very attractive and unique.

The fact that it is white and simple gives you the feeling that you can wash in the bathtub with no hassle, while the simple design and the white color make the bathroom look very modern. The simple feet that are made of wood are good options too, as they are perfect for the long and narrow space.

The circular base, the black under-frame and the white, give the wonderful impression of a well designed and amazing design. In a white bathroom, you have nothing to distract from the important items, which are the Vanico bathtub by Agape Cartes. No matter what style you choose, from contemporary or traditional to minimalistic, or retro, you will certainly love the simple and practical way in which this bathroom vanity is designed.