Bathtub storage area is a space which can be placed on the wall or in the middle of the bathroom wall. It is a space which can be created artificially, according to the needs and preferences of the satisfied customers. The designers of Electrolux have taken into account the preferences of the owners and they realized that the best way to arrange this space so that the space will not appear cluttered.

The bathroom is the only space in the bathroom which can be transformed in some way or another so it needs to be arranged in such a way that you can turn it into a storage area, but the rest of the space remains nice and natural. The structure of the storage space will be determined by the area of the floor and the arrangement of the furniture will follow the same pattern of the floor. For example the dresser in the bathroom can be placed under the sink, the mirror above the bathroom mirror can be used as a shopping area and the space under the sink can be used for storing your hygiene products.

This storage space has a simple and lovely design and it is also very useful. You can find many models of storage vanity and all you need are some pieces of furniture with a simple design and a wide space for storing things.

Bathtub Storage Vanity Photo 3

The model of the dresser is variable, depending on the model and the amount of storage space you need and the colors available for you. The usual white works well and you can choose any shade you want, but I suggest the gray, because it is the most cheerful color and it is also easily used in the bathroom.