I’ve always liked those days when the furniture had the same color and the same shape. This means it’s almost a constant thing that changes. Still, some designers or manufacturers seem to have a better idea and they decided to create beautiful pieces that are actually not just a bit alike. For example this nice metal vanity stool that looks like a bent metal sheet has the same shape as the sheet of furniture from the 1960s. It’s in fact a metal vanity stool that is basically just a big piece of radiators that are used to make the toilet fill more water. Pretty ingenious, right?

Moreover, it’s also an environmentally friendly piece of furniture. The solar panels that come on top of the vanity help that create some water, maybe fertilize the soil in which the toilet has its meal and also it keeps the water warm even during the cold winter. Since the stool is made of strong metal, the designer made sure it has the right position so that it can support the weight of the person sitting in it. I personally like it very and if you like it and you have an old one it’s absolutely free of any problems, as you can place it anywhere in your home.

If you decide to purchase such an interesting piece of furniture that will become an eye catching piece for your bathroom, it’s available for $249.

Metal Vanity Stool By Riko Photo 4