Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Simple Divider By Monica Hock

In every home some time seems to need a solid divider. It’s a place where people can go to relax or to simply take a nap. For those who also need a divider, it’s this one. It’s a very simple […]

Rock Garden Design

The idea of having a rock garden in your home is one that inspires comfort, relaxation and well-being. In a world dominated by concrete, glass and stone, rock gardens are incorporating natural elements into modern designs in a unique and […]

Kitchen Glass Doors By Paola Lenti

Glass doors and kitchen islands have been a popular choice in the past and they still are. They are practical, stylish and they can enhance the overall décor of the room and home. This particular kitchen features panoramic views of […]

Rubber Floors By Elii

This concrete flooring was recently patented by designer Marco Morosini. Its distinctive look makes it ideal for high-end residential spaces. The flooring is made of fermented drinking water extracted in a hydraulic form. It looks like bad luck, but it […]

Office Wall Shelves By DmvA

The company DVVA had to respond to a serious lack of storage space, which, in a world in which we try to work, is a serious problem, not just in the working area but in our home as well. The […]

Wall Painting Technics By Roxanne Flute

Roxanne Flute, a young California-based street artist, designed her first piece in 1988. She later launched a series of street art including paintings of celebrities and notable institutions. Flute’s paintings are a characteristic of her work, featuring images that are […]