Nature is everywhere around us. We are surrounded by flora and fauna, by trees and habitats, by water and altitude and we barely notice the trudgers digging into the earth. What can be more beautiful than a baby’s nest beneath some sky? The Cubo Nest from Hong Kong is designed to bring a new dimension to the nest design of the future. This clever baby bed is made from carbon fibre and ready to fly. Its wings make it light and easy to move around the house, while the inner core of the bed makes it a comfortable place to snuggle in at the end of a long day. The carbon fibre structure allows the nest to be moulded to the user’s needs, creating a unique and versatile piece of furniture. Available in three colours, the Cubo Nest has a single design with two wings, or can come with a wing-less form, in which the cocoon is moulded to the user’s height. The colour pattern of the cocoon can be selected from black, grey and white, with a clear coat of lighting for the webbing effect. Ideal for families who are looking for a lightweight and inexpensive piece of furniture, the Cubo Nest is available from Hong Kong.

Round Baby Bed From Hong Kong – The Cubo Photo 2