Designer Maximo Riera gathers materials and furniture from all over the world, in an unusual set designed for edgime. The Megabudka collection is a series of dressers, shelving units and tables made of repurposed industrial parts, with an American industrial look and textured finish. The way the parts are assembled is shown to be a complex and interesting process, the result being a very original image.

The idea behind this collection is to be used not only for furniture but also for other small items like bedside tables, lighting units or bathroom furniture. The way the various modules are assembled creates a very unexpected and unique aesthetic. Given the industrial look and unique lines, the Megabudka collection would be suitable for modern, contemporary as well as more traditional or retro interior designs.

The attractive design and the sophisticated look give the furniture a feminine touch that would complement a chic bathroom or a spa-like bathroom decor. Add to that the fact that the components are made of repurposed elements and you’ll a very happy creation. You can find more information about the furniture pieces on Mexate and get a chance to see how you can use metal and wood in new and ingenious ways.

Industrial Chic Decor And Furniture Sets By Megabudka Photo 4

Industrial Chic Decor And Furniture Sets By Megabudka Photo 5