Designers find all kinds of materials to be particularly useful and attractive and that’s because they are perfect for home and garden. So when you get a perfectly nice home, you will also have a nice garden. Eggs are one of the few materials that you can use to build a planters and this way you can be sure that you’ll have a green place to grow food in. Look at these planters made of recycled eggs! They are lovely and perfect for the garden.

So if you live in a house and have a garden, you should take this opportunity to purchase a nice planter like this one. Each egg shell contains a tiny ceramic planter, which is an absolutely perfect decoration for any egg-lover’s home. The planters come in various colors, so you can choose the one that you like best or that matches your house and personality.

Each egg shell is unique and it will definitely add personality and style to your whole home. And because each egg shell is made of a different color and size, this means that each planter is a different size and thus has a different color and design, too. So you can choose one more or another color and cut the shape in the smallest case or to have a whole bunch of small and different shapes chopped up and arranged in an interesting way.

Small Planters Made Of Recycled Eggs! Photo 3