Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Terrarium Ideas – Eco-friendly And Fun

If you’re looking for fun and functional ways to display your terrarium then that’s what we have for you. Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes and, depending on the shape you want to display you can find a lot […]

Indoor Plant Design By Alex Andrite

This is the latest design created by the Italian designer Alex Andrite for the Greek company Petite. The planar design follows the shape of the plant, with one elongated element continuing its line and the other positioned in a more […]

Indoor Plant Design By Sam*ill

Designer Sam’s latest visual product, the Indoor Plant Design, is a clever way to bring nature indoors for the home. The designs incorporates a variety of pots with leaves, thus permitting a possible indoor plantist. These pots are designed to […]

Small Planters Made Of Recycled Eggs!

Designers find all kinds of materials to be particularly useful and attractive and that’s because they are perfect for home and garden. So when you get a perfectly nice home, you will also have a nice garden. Eggs are one […]

Unique Terrariums From Becherer

Bella van Duin, a Dutch designer, has created a new variety of unique terrariums that can be used to decorate your home. Your terrarium can be as small or as big as you want, it all depends on your space […]

Indoor Plant Design By The Design Studio

The Design Studio announced its newest product, the indoor plant design, which is a system of planters made of porcelain and panelling. These novel pieces are a way to bring nature inside your home. “The most attractive thing about this […]